Suppressing an address on the PPSR

Who can apply and how

Part 9 of the Family Violence Act 2018 allows the Registrar to ‘suppress’ or make private certain personal information on a public register.

Details that can be suppressed on the PPSR

An individual debtor or a secured party, who has a protection order granted by a New Zealand Family Court, can apply to the Registrar of Personal Property Securities to have their address on the PPSR suppressed – meaning it cannot be viewed publicly.

Completing your application

To request the suppression of your address, you’ll need to submit a written application to the Companies Office. We’ll update financing statements containing your address on the register for you.

Identifying where your address is public

Those applying as a debtor should consider conducting a search on the PPSR by their name to identify any other financing statements where your address may have been used.

Those applying as a secured party should provide the secured party group ID where your address is listed.

You may also want to check other registers administered by the Companies Office.

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How to request that your details be suppressed

1. Complete the application form

The request to have your details suppressed on the PPSR must be in writing. Please complete and sign the application form, which can be downloaded below. The declaration must be signed by the person to whom the protection order has been granted.

2. Attach the protection order

You must attach a copy of the protection order granted by the Family Court. If you enclose a temporary protection order, please send us the final order as soon as it has been granted.

3. Send us the application

Email your completed form, along with the protection order, to

What happens next

We’ll approve your application if we’re satisfied that the protection order is in force, and that the suppression will not unduly compromise the PPSR.

You’ll be notified of our decision in writing within 10 working days of the application having been received. We’ll also notify the Family Court that issued the protection order.

If your application is approved

We will ensure your address is no longer available on the PPSR.

You should notify the secured party of your circumstances to ensure that they don’t unknowingly update the suppressed address.

If your application is declined

If your application is declined, you have the right to make a complaint to the Privacy Commissioner.

If your circumstances or details change

If the suppression is no longer required, or if the protection order is discharged, please advise us in writing that your address can be made public on the register.

Contact us at our email address

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