Why you might register on the PPSR

Priority when it matters

Registering on the PPSR can help protect your financial interest in goods or assets sold on terms, leased or hired out, or accepted as security for a loan.

Almost anything of value – excluding land, buildings, and ships greater than 24 metres in length – can be used to secure repayment of a debt. For example:

  • motor vehicles, boats and aircraft
  • crops, cattle and other livestock
  • household appliances
  • machinery and equipment
  • artwork
  • intellectual and financial property

Providing greater protection

The terms and conditions of a customer agreement, including retention of title agreements, do not guarantee your rights to property (collateral) should a customer default.

If you’ve not registered your legal claim on the PPSR, the property could be sold to pay other creditors who have done so. You could also lose the right to recover the goods or proceeds if they are sold or leased to others by the debtor, or transformed in some way.

Registration on the PPSR gives you priority of claim over creditors who have not recorded an interest, and those who do so after you. So it pays to register a financing statement as soon as you know you’ll be doing business with a new customer, or with an existing customer on new terms.

Before you can register a financing statement or search on the PPSR, you'll need to set up your online services account. This takes just a few minutes.

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