Find out about the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR), how it works, the role the Registrar plays, and your obligations should you search or register financing statements on the register.

What is the PPSR?

How the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) can help you and your business.

what is the ppsr?

Case examples

Everyday examples of how the PPSR may help you.

case examples

The role of the Registrar

The role of the Registrar of Personal Property Securities.

the role of the registrar


Disclaimer for the Personal Property Securities Register.


Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for using the PPSR.

terms and conditions

Privacy statement

How we protect your privacy on the PPSR


Contact us

Find out how to contact us with an enquiry about the PPSR.

contact us

Email us

email us

Doing business in Australia

New Zealanders doing business in Australia should consider using the Australian PPSR.

doing business in australia

Glossary of terms

A glossary of terms to better understand the PPSR and how it works.

glossary of terms