Want to know more about the legal aspects of the Personal Property Securities Register?

Details of a workshop being run by the New Zealand Credit & Finance Institute (NZCFI) in Wellington

In 2018, the New Zealand Companies Office hosted several Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) training seminars designed to help our users familiarise themselves with the new system that went live on 1 October, 2018. While very successful, many people had legal questions that could not applicably be answered in that forum, as the workshops were designed to focus on the new register application only.

As a result, the New Zealand Credit & Finance Institute (NZCFI) contacted us about running a workshop concentrating on the legal aspects of the Personal Property Securities Act (PPSA) and its application in the PPSR system.

The NZCFI is non-profit organisation that holds regular lectures and workshops on credit and finance-related topics including the PPSR. This is an opportunity that may benefit you as it is designed to answer users’ PPSR questions and provide practical guidance and solutions.

NZCFI's paid workshop will cover how the PPSR can help you:

  • best protect your security interest and position as a creditor
  • manage your risk during the course of a trading relationship
  • maximise your recovery in an insolvency event and understand your options.

A workshop will also be held in Christchurch later on this year. Please watch the PPSR website for further details coming soon.

Feel free to pass this on to any friends or colleagues that would be interested in this event.

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